Book Coaching

Book Coaching

A book coach is a writer’s teacher, partner, cheerleader and motivator. She is someone who will guide you through every step of planning, writing, publishing and promoting your book. Your book coach is always on your side and the only agenda she has is to support you. Suzanne has coached many people toward getting their books published.


A book coach teaches potential authors the fundamentals of creating a book. She can help you choose a topic, structure the book, and format your manuscript. She can check your grammar, style, and help plan heads/sub-heads. After your manuscript is done, she can assist you look for an agent or publisher, and help write query letters and proposals. She can help you promote your book.


A book coach will guide you step-by-step through the whole process of self-publishing. She can help you with structuring the book, including formatting, editing, style, choosing a title, and cover design. She will assist you in filling out the forms required to have your book registered with various national databases. She will help you develop a marketing plan and promote your book.

Suzanne wants to help you get your book in print.  Whether you want to write your book to be published by a professional publisher or you want to do it yourself, she will be there to guide you.

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